Tracy Morgan was pretty funny

I went to see Tracy Morgan do stand up tonight at the newly renovated Bailey Hall on campus.  That place didn’t have nearly the seating capacity I thought it would, but it was a huge open space and looked pretty cool.  We had great seats:

To say that he did a routine would be a lie – he got on stage and spitballed for an hour.  Around 90 percent of his material was some sort of sexual joke, and there were plenty of f-bombs.  I’m still not sure how to rate his show.  It was funnier than Bob Saget for sure, but not as funny as Daniel Tosh.

I’m also not sure of his domestic situation.  During his jokes he claimed to be married, have a fiance, have a girlfriend, and agreeing to come to college campuses so he can get some action from the coeds.  He may or may not also have 4 kids of varying age and gender.

Anyway, it was a good show for $10.  Anyone else go?  What were your impressions?

One thought on “Tracy Morgan was pretty funny”

  1. Yeah, he definitely had at least three lives going on. I wasn’t sure if he was foolin around on everybody, or was just time traveling. Despite some of the sterotype faux pas that he had, overall pretty funny.

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