She aint nothin but a Gucci mama…

After talking me out of buying a nice pair of Oakley Fives Chelsea managed to talk me into visiting the sunglasses kiosk at the mall.  Not the sunglass hut one, but the one next to the cellular phone accessories that sells knock off designer glasses.  Now usually I laugh at this, and at the people buying them – but I went anyway.

This is what my glasses look like, knock off Armani.  Normally they retail for $300-400.

Chelsea found a pair of imitation Gucci glasses for herself:

This brings me to the point of my post.  I’ve found there are two schools of people when it comes to sunglasses:

1 – those that buy expensive ones and take care of them, and wear them a long time

2 – people that buy new ones every year for cheap and don’t care if they get lost or broken

I’ve owned the same pair of Oakley’s for 7 years now.  I decided to break down and buy a new pair of glasses because mine are not super stylish and starting to fall apart.  I prefer to use them during golf, frisbee, cycling, etc.  I was in search of a new pair and since I had such good luck with my previous Oakley’s I’d buy them again.  I couldn’t find any that I liked enough to pay that kind of money for which is what brought me to the faux sunglass hut.

We each got our glasses for $10.  I may have changed my views.  Where do you fall in the sunglass spectrum?

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