(hey hey) I want to be a rockstar

Pretty much every time I listen to Stone Sour’s album Come What(ever) May I say to myself  “..man, I wish I could sing like that”.  This is because the lead singer Corey Taylor can both sing softly in songs such as Through Glass, and can really scream in songs with his other band Slipknot.  Now I know not everyone is a fan of rip-your-face metal, but its great to listen to at the gym, and I can appreciate how hard it has to be for a dude to sing like that.  My voice hurts just listening to it.

Back to my original point.  Sometimes I wish I could be the lead singer in a badass band and really save the world by rocking.  Other times I want to be the crazy drummer that people try to emulate.  Still other times, maybe the guitarist is the best gig.  What about everyone else?  I have included a short poll below, let me know if I need to add a category.


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