I’m always victim to a good mind bomb

What do I mean by this?  Specifically what I mean is a song that sticks in your head and you end up singing it over and over.  It doesn’t matter that you just listened to a new song, that bomb creeps back in there eventually.  I suppose the title of this is misleading, as most mind bombs aren’t actually good songs, but they are really good at sticking in your head.  What’s worse is they are usually those that you are afraid to admit knowing.

“Whats that your are humming”…”nothing”…..”sounds like boyz II men”…”…..”…case in point.

I know everyone has had this happen to them, well except for the boyz II men part.  Some people are courteous and won’t tell you the bomb affecting them because they don’t want it to get you too.  I’m not that person.  Sometimes I think a fun game would be to walk around just singing one of those songs just to see how many people you can get to pick it up.  Try it out next time at your job.

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