“I’m (not) loving it”

I broke down today and ate at the local McDonalds for the first time in 4 years. Chels and I thought it would be fun to grab a shake, and some fries on our way to the bookstore and other errands at the mall. I had a itch for their seasonal Shamrock shakes (vanilla mint goodness) and she is always down for a chocolate shake. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. The shakes lacked much flavor, and the fries weren’t even close to what I remembered about them. Actually they used to be my favorite fast food chain fries, but today was a bad day for that. Lets hope its another 4 years before I get the urge to eat there again.

We did also notice something else about McDonalds. Only Walmart rivals McD’s in the “strange looking people that come out of the woodwork to shop here”. I suppose that sounds bad, but I’m telling you central NY’s finest are here at these two places.

One thought on ““I’m (not) loving it””

  1. That kid looks like the junior version of the Michelin Tire Man. Except I think that is a costume or editing… given the cuff looking line on his wrist.

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