I enjoy a good mashup

Notice how I said “good”.  While the term mashup has many connotations, I am referring to the art of mixing two songs together for one strangely enjoyable version.  There are many people who import songs on their computer, or use their DJ equipment, but I don’t think anyone does it better than Party Ben.  He even has some songs available for download.  I’d have to say my current favorites are:

1.  Green Day vs Oasis – Boulevard of Broken Songs

2. The Clash vs the Killers – Somebody Rock Me

3. Gorilaz vs Cake – Never Feel Good

4.  Snow Patrol vs The Police – Every Car You Chase

5.  The Beatles vs The Beastie Boys (Beastles) – any of the songs by DJ BC

Does anyone else like listening to a good mashup? or does it ruin both songs?

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