Do you have a smartphone?

In light of today’s announcement of all the new things to come to Apple’s iPhone, it got me to thinking about my measly cell phone and why I have yet to adopt a smartphone. I do have an unhealthy obsession with new gadgets, so I surprised myself that I don’t have one. For a long time, I wanted a small attractive phone that could just do basic features like make phone calls, and send text messages. The additional services offered by wireless carriers (on demand downloads at 20cents per kilobyte) didn’t interest me much, and frankly still don’t. It is probably safe to say that I wouldn’t use all the features of a smartphone since I barely use my own cell phone now, and I’m in lab 10-12 hours everyday anyway. The mandatory rate data plans you need to purchase also never really seemed reasonable to me, since you aren’t really getting much for the money. What about everyone else?


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