Oooooh see ya, you goon! YOU GOON!

This is of course one of the many chants the crowd at Lynah rink chants at the opposing teams during a hockey game, this one aimed during when they get whistled for a penalty. I had the privilege of finally attending my first Cornell vs Harvard hockey game on Saturday. For those back in Michigan, think of State vs U of M in hockey.

Since this is usually a very intense game, of course the fans bring their A game. Below is an example, we all held up newspapers and changed “BORING” during the announcement of their starting lineup.

Now the fans during this specific game also have another ritual (the papers happen every game). They throw fish. I don’t quite know the story behind it, but man did those fish litter the ice. Goldfish (crackers and pet store ones), swedish fish, and plenty of delicious bass filled up the ice. So many in fact the officials threatened a bench minor if we threw anything else.

Another staple of the hockey games is the eccentric zamboni driver Dave. Always one to impress, Dave wears a different costume every game while he drives the zamboni. Shown below is the second one he wore for this game, and yes he is holding up a crown.

Now to 2 things I like about the tradition of Big Red hockey. The first is that I finally noticed that when the players line up for the national anthems, they line up in numerical order, and don’t move until the last note is played. This really impressed me, and it you compare them to the Harvard players they look much more professional and imposing. My buddy Whitey said he has done the same with our old high school team that he now coaches, its the military influence.

The final bit I really enjoy is the post-game fan appreciation the players do. They gather at center ice, and bang their sticks to the same beat the crowd is clapping until the last player from the opposing team leaves the ice. Then they toss up their sticks in the air and spin in a circle, acknowledging the fans and the fans scream and put their hands up showing we appreciate their efforts. I attempted to catch this on film, but didn’t predict the hand of a good fan in front of me.

I have to say, although we lost, it was a fun game. All the games are quite a bit of fun. If you ever get the opportunity to snag a pair of tickets to the hottest show in town I recommend you go.

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