If it sounds too good to be true….

…it probably is.

You know I hate to use the old cliche’, but for maybe one of the first times in my life, it happened to me.

I was in the market recently for some new headphones. My old faithful Sony EX71SL finally decided they were done after 4 years of heavy use (and I mean I was that guy that always had headphones on me). I decided to cruise the internet for a comparable pair. After reading many tech sites, and amazon.com reviews I decided to go ahead and buy a pair of Sony’s. The EX71SL. I came to my conclusion based on 3 major criteria:

1. They did last me through 4 years of heavy use

2. I like the way they fit in my ear, a very difficult thing for most headphones since I have tiny ears

3. The sound was fantastic for ear buds

4. I liked the asymmetric design, where one cord is longer than the other allowing me to drape them around my neck, so they are really easy to unplug and talk to somebody in lab.

5. The price HAS to be lower on them now then when I originally got them as a gift 4 years ago.

My next major decision would be where to buy them. Amazon has decent prices and good shipping, but wait – eBay has everything cheaper. I have had good luck buying items on eBay so I went with that option, since it was about$15 dollars cheaper than Amazon. That was my first mistake.

Communication issues aside, my headphones showed up and I was excited. I ordered them in black instead of white, since my new iPod is black. I opened the package and immediately noticed they were not the same as my old 0nes. The cord was a soft rubbery material, the actual headphones were lighter, (by 243 mg) the length of the cords didn’t match up, and the holes for the sound to exit looked suspicious. I now had a dilemma. Were these a fake version of the EX71SL I ordered, or did Sony whore out their production in the past 4 years and was I now receiving a newer product with the same name?

I say fake, but I’ll let you be the judge. I ordered the real deal from Amazon and put them side by side with the fake ones. My camera doesn’t quite have the resolution or focus ability it should for the pictures I wanted to take, but I think you can get the general idea. I put the same one on the left and the right in all the pictures, so guess which you think is the real one and which is fake:

I have to give somebody credit – those are really good fakes. Would I know the difference if I hadn’t already owned a pair? Probably not. Can I hear a difference in them? Absolutely. Someday I’ll learn to take better pictures, but the real ones are on the left, and the fakes on the right.

I decided to contact the fraudulent seller through PayPal. I received a full refund within the hour, so they knew of the forgery.

Moral of the story: don’t buy Sony EX71SL from maas_0808.

3 thoughts on “If it sounds too good to be true….”

  1. It looks like the one on the right is the real pair? Can you confirm that? I bought a pair from a US e-tailer and it came in bulk package to my dismay. The accessories are definitely fake but they claim the actual earphones are real. When I compare them to ones you have it matches the earphones on the left.

  2. Nevermind somehow I missed your quote.. “Someday I’ll learn to take better pictures, but the real ones are on the left, and the fakes on the right.”

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