Apparently I look like the Hoff

Oh yes, THE Hoff.

After reading my friends David’s blog I got a good idea.  He recently found some online software that will allow you to upload a picture of you and it will tell you which celebrities you look like.  I decided to do the same, but with myself and Chels.  We’ll get to mine first since you won’t keep reading after you see hers.

That is a picture from my drivers license and I’ve been told before that I look like one of the Wilson brothers.  According to this software, not so much.  Although I did multiple pictures and Hugh Jackman came up pretty much every time, so I’m ok with that.

What I am more excited about is Chelsea’s results.

Seriously check that out – she is hot.  I decided to do two additional pictures of her and the top hit the first time was Scarlett Johansson and the second time was Angelina Jolie.  As if I wasn’t high fiving myself enough already.

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