Who would be on your “Mt. Rapmore”

I can’t say that I got the idea for this myself, I definitely stole it from a Bill Simmons mailbag question:

If they were going to construct the Mount Rushmore of the rap industry, who would the four members be? Keep in mind that it is the four most influential people to the history of the industry, not necessarily the four best rappers.

Simmons answers Tupac, Dre and Jay-Z are all definite nods, with Biggie as his 4th.

This past weekend I talked to everyone that I could find about this question, and got a variety of responses.  Tupac and Dre are a lock, but some people don’t like Jay-Z as much.  Some of the other people mentioned are: Snoop, Eminem, Outkast, Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang Clan, Grandmaster Flash, Ice Cube (because of the movies).

Personally I think its the three pictured above and Outkast.  Not that I really have anything against Snoop and Eminem, I have all their albums and know all the words, but they are part of the Dre legacy, and I think that Outkast definitely fits a different mold.

Who would make your Mt. Rapmore?

One thought on “Who would be on your “Mt. Rapmore””

  1. This is right up my alley – worthy of asking on the boat next summer. My answers are:
    1)Dr. Dre
    2)Tupac (you’re right, they are a given)
    3)Jay-Z (like him or not, he’s made more careers than most others and is the 2nd wealthiest entertainer because of it)
    4)Shoot, this is harder than I thought. I guess I’d have to say members of Ghetto Boys, Public Enemy, or NWA (excluding Dre, but including Ice Cube) since these borne gangster rap. I wouldn’t say Bigge, he’s good but not too influential. Nope, I got it now – if it’s got to be a single person, it’d be hard to deny Ice-T…the single personification of gangster rap.
    Snoop would be on my favorite Rapmore, ahead of Jay-Z.

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