Hangover proof beer?

If you know my habits for drinking liquids you know that Vitamin Water is a staple of mine. I like the taste more than Gatorade (it also has less sugar) and its loaded with vitamins that I’ve convinced myself I need more of. I got inspired after reading a post at DVICE yesterday.

A Philippino inventor, Billy L Lalang, has created a beer called Vitamin Beer which is apparently spiked with B vitamins, which are those most often lost during heavy drinking.

There is already a beer like this on the market created in Texas called Stampede. (Although they don’t really reveal the “plus” contents).

All this got me thinking. I love vitamin water, (especially after a night of drinking) and I love beer. I also happen to make my own beer. Could I make a hangover proof beer by infusing one of my own creations with B vitamins? I can buy B-1, B-12, B-6 online at various health food stores, so I know its possible.

Do I add them at the end right before bottling so they don’t break down during the boil or fermentation? How much should I add for each one? Would you drink a beer that I added B vitamins to? Should I tell you that I did that anyway?

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