Google Adsense, or whatever is pretty funny

I’m not sure what the correct term for this is, but if you use Gmail, the advertising bar on top of your inbox –

The part that says:  “Try Gmail on your phone for email on the go” is what I’m referring to.

I’ve noticed for a while that depending on subject and content of your e-mail this changes, and sometimes can be quite funny.  For example, I just clicked a few of my e-mails today, and here is a sample of what I’d see:

Watch Zane Videos – – Your Favorite Artists On-Demand. Watch Yahoo! Music Videos. Free.

Spam Breakfast Burritos – Bake 5-10 minutes, serve with salsa

Christmas Fart – – Watch Hilarious Fart Videos Like Horse Fart Sets Girl On Fire & More

Led Zeppelin T-shirts – – Vintage Led Zeppelin Concert Tees. Many Zeppelin Designs to Pick From

Rent Tuscan villas. – – Exclusive selection of Tuscan villa rental.Private pool and service.

Watch Edwards v. Huckabee – – In their “Silent Debate” with commentary from Tim Russert

Wired: Top Stories – CES 2008: Wrapping Up Another Year of Gadget Glut

Chadwick’s® Official Site – – Shop Our New Winter Styles for Great Deals on Women’s Clothing!

Cosmetic surgeon – – Get ready this holiday season! Find a board-certified surgeon today. – Owens practices again, says ‘see you Sunday’

Amazing Name Book – – Your kid’s name spelled out in flowers, clouds, birds and more

If you use Gmail, I encourage you to give this little bar a read from time to time, and I think you’ll find it entertaining.  I particularly like how some of my friends always manage to get the strangest ones.  “Are you fugly?” is a personal favorite.

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