Who is this Orion and why does he have a belt?

Never being one that is interested in Astronomy, the only constellation I am aware of is the big dipper. That is because I used to see it every day on my walk to the bus stop in the morning as a kid. Seriously I don’t think I know any other ones. Lucky for me Chelsea is well schooled in the art of star-cluster naming, and she pointed out Orion and his belt the other night to me.

Being the novice star gazer that I am, and being a biologist I didn’t see the same thing she did, nor did I see what this set of stars is named after. I looked at it more like this:

And everyone out there that is a biologist, and especially those in cell biology will see a different conformation.

How about one that looks like this?

What do you think? I certainly know what I think. That cluster of stars is now known as “Metaphase”.

One thought on “Who is this Orion and why does he have a belt?”

  1. I was going to ridicule you on how big of a nerd you are and then I thought, if that was a metaphase alignment, then it’s probably in S. pombe because they only have 3 chromosomes. Then I realized how big of a nerd I am, so…..

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