I’ve played some good golf

In honor of the U.S. Open this weekend, and the course being so difficult (Tiger shot +6 for the tourney) Golf Digest has put together a list of the toughest 50 courses in America.

Coming in at #22 ahead of Spyglass, Pinehurst, and Medinah (all PGA courses)?

Yes Silver Lakes part of the Robert Trent Jones Trail I played. If you go through my pictures there are two of the famous par 3 mentioned on this website. One from the tee box, and another that shows my ball 10 feet from the pin. This was probably my second favorite course of the trip. I’m pretty sure I broke 90 on this course.

17 thoughts on “I’ve played some good golf”

  1. And this is the course which i out drove the starting center for the auburn tigers… yeah… whats up now…

  2. This also coming from a guy who doesn’t know the difference between a putt and a stroke.

  3. #1) if you’re ‘close’ to the green… and you’re holding a putter… it’s a putt
    #2) the fact that you say you’re ‘off’ the green just so you can say you putted fewer times… bullshit, artificially inflating stats.
    #3) i had 3 less putts than you that round… and i count putts from the rough and you don’t…

    i think this debate is officially over

  4. So i asked the golf pro today… and they say you idea on a putt is shit, a putt is only on the green… and we all know your rounds are suspect

  5. i think you didn’t read #3 from above… i can repeat it if needed though: “i had 3 less putts than you that round… and i count putts from the rough and you don’t…”

    i don’t think any more clarification is needed. suspect? that’s like the pot calling the kettle black. please… go practice putting.

    *note* said putter used to defeat you is a ray cook, “american putter” (it says it on it) forged in steel from the depths of middle earth itself. it’s honestly 67 years old.

  6. So go ahead and live it up, that was the first time ever that you beat me in putts. Enjoy it, just know that putt only happens on the green.

  7. Dude i know you are better than me… i do play like shit and make my scores up

  8. A quote from Grandma’s boy will best describe your golf game:
    “Your Shit’s Weak”

  9. that’s fine. i’ll keep shooting 41’s and you keep up the 50’s. eat it.

  10. Dude we are not debating the fact i am not good at golf… we all know that… And here are some facts about the round. One i had far fewer putts than you, and i did not four jack a green like you… and second you played the best round of your life… Like i said before “Your SHIT’S WEAK”

  11. please son. take a step back and listen to yourself. you’re belittling yourself. your argument is predicated on the fact that since you suck at golf you must be better than me because you putt less. think about that for a second. i’d much rather shoot a 41 with more putts than a 50 with less. ask anyone, i’m sure they would as well. and for the round of my life? nah… it was probably the best round you’ve seen me play, but it wasn’t the best, maybe the most consistent. now spend today on google, find another movie quote that you can use to say the same thing you have in the past 2 posts.

    oh yeah, i 4 putted a green. i ALSO SHOT A 41!!!!

  12. no no no… i never said i was a better golfer than you, i said i was a better putter… and secondly yes that was the best round of you life… you about broke 40 on a difficult nine… if it wasn’t for the 4 jack or even if you lost one of those 3 jacks you had earlier in the the round you would have easily would have broke 40… so once again i state that was your best round of your life… just learn how to putt

    side note all of this steams from you jealously of me. I suck at golf but i have played top courses all over the world.

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